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Franck Bohbot


Childrens’ street games in NYC, c.1940s © Arthur Leipzig


The Most Quotable Movies Of All Time

The Big Lebowski (1998) dir. Joel and Ethan Coen


Star City Roller Girls shoot - May 2014

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I find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

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#let me get this straight  #the troubletones are an all girl group  #formed in rebellion by girls who feel like they’re not getting what they deserve in their glee club  #fronted by and made up of women of color and of different sizes and sexual orientations  #who continually sing about their strength and survival  #and proclaim that they’re ‘fierce/femme/phenomenal’  #they also sound amazing  #how are we not in agreement that this is the best thing glee has e v e r done?


inside cover of All Hail West Texas

Believe in yourself. You can get out if you’re committed to the effort. There are no windows or doors and the walls are on fire. I love you. I loved you. You can’t make me leave. Drive out to the airport. Take the train down here if you get a chance.Stay wherever the hell you are. Stay wherever the hell you are. Take the train down here if you get a chance. Drive out to the airport. You can’t make me leave. I loved you. I love you. There are no windows or doors and the walls are on fire. You can make it out if you’re committed to the effort. It’s easy to get out if you just believe in yourself. You have really let yourself go. You are not what you used to be. You are lovely beyond compare, beyond compare, beyond compare. We have no house. Our house would be a lovely Southwestern ranch if it had a roof. Our house is a lovely Southwestern ranch. I’ll take as much of this as I can possibly bear. I am going to take this a little while longer. I am not going to take this any more. 

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angry weakness post



what I mean when I say “we need weak female characters,” when I say “we gravitate to the white male characters because they’re people,” when I say “men’s self-loathing is presumed literary while women’s self-loathing is just anti-feminist” —

my first Feminist Awakening was when, at the height of my K/S phase, I was reading a ton of h/c dudeslash and realized that I’d be uncomfortable with reading het of the same nature if the woman were on the receiving end of h/c. because, you know, a man being torn apart and breaking down and needing somebody to soothingly stroke his forehead? fine. a woman in the same situation? OH GOD NO CRINGE.

because we’ve got a threshold of weakness, and women are already presumed weak, so they can’t be made weaker in fiction.

and that’s why we’ve got the tortured complicated daddy-issues white boys who are the stars of the show, and meanwhile the People Like Us are perfectly coiffed, poised, ever-ready with a sassy comeback. the more marginalized demographics, the glossier we’ve got to be, otherwise we’re at risk of MISREPRESENTATION. of being a DISGRACE TO OUR PEOPLE. it’s not spoken, but I feel it, too. we bear the brunt of the “responsible storytelling” myth. can’t be a single stupid woman character, otherwise somebody might think women aren’t smart.

and I just — who the fuck do you THINK we’re going to gravitate to? the characters who look like Examples for us, who are there to assure the world we’re worthy of existing (because People Like Us are only worthy of existence if we’re perfect, goddamn) or the characters we can actually relate to, because in relating to them, we get a taste of power? the power that means you’re allowed to be weak, you’re allowed to be a full, flawed human being?

and I don’t think I’m even mad, anymore.

I forgive fandom for woobifying our clichéd leading men in the efforts to woobify ourselves. I don’t condone disrespect, but I forgive clumsy attempts to wriggle into our own humanity. because it’s goddamn hard to write People Like Us as people, no matter who you are; we’ve got all of society bearing its weight against us.

just be careful, be kind, and take all the narratives of shame and self-loathing and being broken and battered and cared for — take them. we deserve them. take all you can get.

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